Monday, April 14, 2014


~eating Annie's Macaroni and Cheese...white cheddar...
~plagued by Oak face itches like nobody's business...and the under-eye puffiness is insane...
~contemplating signing myself up for a triathlon in September to curb my ben and jerrys cravings
~need to get off the computer and take the kids to soccer...

Hi and Bye...

Let's make a video this week...fingers crossed.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sick Day

Riv is home sick with some kind of nasty flu-ish thing....
Poor Baby.
He has been so healthy this last year, so I suppose it is his turn on the sick wheel.
He wants me to be right next to him...
Guess I better enjoy that while it lasts.
I think as much as it stinks to have a sick kid, sitting here with him is such a gift.
Plus, I got a few minutes to do my nails...
I used those Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips, and it was a cinch!

I started looking through some old photos from the Family Blog.....big mistake.
Am I the only one who can't look at old photos without totally getting emotional???
Where has the time gone, and why did I not cherish it more while I was there in the present??
I suppose that is why getting older is a good thing.


Weren't they the cutest little duo?!
Justin has a birthday this weekend....he thinks he is getting old.
I happen to think he is just getting better (actually I KNOW he is getting better!)

He still wants to run races....He still wants a challenge....He still drives me nuts.
He is still my hero.

I hope you will take a minute to snuggle up with your kiddos or lover this weekend,
whether they are sick or not....
I was reminded this week, yet again, of just how short life can be.
I hate those reminders.

I need to do a better job of living and loving, and making every day count.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Holiday Re-Cap

Happy 2014.
Technical difficulties are plaguing me already this year....
so I surely hope this is not a growing trend.
A new computer is not on my list of purchases this year!

We had a wonderfully quiet Christmas, an awesome post-Christmas camping trip,
and a New Years party for 4.
We made hats, danced with glow sticks...went to bed early....
We are such party animals!
So enjoy a photo recap of all the fun....
The apartment was full of Christmas cheer...

Sibling fun at Paige's school party....thinking knowing Riv will be bigger than her next year...

So excited about his own robe this year.  He wears this every morning and evening.
Cozy obsessed boy!

Thrilled to get another Ivy and Bean book.  This girl loves to read.
Enough of this running around...he is ready to go camping!!!!!
A view from the top
Always on the hunt for the perfect rock
Heading up again...friends and dogs included. Looks a little steep there guys.....?

Gorgeous view!  Worth the effort for sure!
One Happy Man.
One sleepy baby.
Tough day out here in the wilderness (for the Princess).
The Prince on the other hand was in heaven.
Mountain Man to the rescue!!!  A fire makes everything better!
Or is it S'mores make everything better...I get confused.
Morning! Hot Chocolate Bandit!!
Another hike...why not!?
Time to pack it up....last night was COLD!!!!!!
PROOF! That puffy down jacket is rarely used down here in TX.

We had a blast at Garner State Park, and will be back again when it is a little warmer.

Happy New Year....Love Us.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Thinking out loud...

Hi Ladies.
It has been so very long, I don't even know where to begin.
All I can say is that I miss my sweet little blog(s)
and 2014 will bring a new commitment to them individually.
I miss having my own virtual scrapbook of my everyday life, and I miss sharing
all the trivial, yet wonderful, things that make me happy.

So please don't leave me now.....
I will need your support and love as this new year brings inevitable change and hopefully a move.
Yes, another one, out of Texas preferably.....
Not that I don't love our life here, but it is time to move on.

We have enjoyed our school year thus far.  The kids love their teachers,
and I love the ladies I am blessed to work with.  I am learning so much as I am in charge of 12 small 3 year old human beings each week, and I love each of them.

Justin has run more races.....
I have found some new incredible recipes....
Paige has lost her 4 front teeth (2 bottom and now 2 top)....
River has a speaking part in this weeks Christmas Pageant.......

Life is so incredibly good.
Life is also so incredible confusing and difficult at times, but as a family we are working on finding the good everyday.
It is in the little things, I am certain.
I will be back soon.
Lots of love and Holiday Cheer,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Beauty Favorites

Just a quick one....
These are my Top 4 Summer Beauty Favorites!!
They are new to me, and I have loved using them the last few months.

Hope you are having a great week.

Monday, July 22, 2013

That time we went to the swimmin' hole

A few weeks back, Justin begged me to set up a camping trip...
and I agreed that it would be great to get out and spend some "quality time" together
but reminded him that it is the middle of Texas.
We compromised on a one night trip to a state park just outside Austin, so if it was a total bust we wouldn't be out a bunch of money or travel time.
That, and they have great pizza at the Mellow Mushroom in Austin.
And great pizza can make all the difference sometimes.

So we made the reservation, and counted down the days.
Once Saturday came around we packed it all up (so much stuff to pack....)
and hit the road to McKinney Falls State Park.
The Upper and Lower Falls are the parks main attraction, and they are quite pretty.
BUT, upon closer inspection, in the summer they more closely resemble a slimy, stinky swimmin' hole.
Now before you go and judge me, you have to understand a few things.

#1 If there is any creepy tummy bug to be contracted from a water source, I will get it!  Trust me.
#2 I have watched too many episodes of Turtle Man to be happily wading in a cloudy murky pond of sorts without being paranoid about what is under the water.
#3 I am very smell sensitive....and getting my whole body in something that smells rather suspect is nearly impossible for me.

I did get in, and take a swim, with Justin and kids close behind me. We watched people jump from the rock ledge, and heard people squeal as something under the water was biting, turtles???
I lasted about 30 minutes and knew it was time to move on. On the swim back to the shore, a turtle popped up right in front of me to amp up my anxiety....oh, my.
I know I am a "spoiled valley girl", but I couldn't help but feeling so proud of myself for conquering my fear (temporarily), and setting a good example for my kids.
Paige was in tears about the whole thing, so I knew I needed to play along like I was loving it!
River loved every minute of it...he even jumped off the ledge with Justin into the water below.
Should I be nervous about this......
The Upper Falls  

A quick picture with the kids.....but Justin always goes paparazzi style and takes about 20 more before I rip the camera out of his hands.

The Lower Falls....more user slime.
Back at camp, we all enjoyed our turn in the new hammock.  It is a two person hammock, so it is actually comfy to share with a friend...or a brother!

I personally enjoyed a little time all by myself....but then the paparazzi took over.

River wanted to go off exploring, but a cautious Momma kept him close by.
Texas has too many creepy things out and about this time of year....snakes, scorpions, and tarantulas.
Cutest Daddy/Daughter shot ever.  Two peas in a pod for sure.
Always art to be made, wherever we go.
And we managed to squeeze in a family game of SORRY.
Paige won.

We headed over to the park as the sun was setting.  We wanted the kids to have some free time in a safer setting, where I didn't have to worry so much about their every step!

And then it was time to take one last hike to watch the sun go down.
There may or may not have been a Bobcat track on the trail....
I wasn't about to disagree with the 4 year old expert.

Mr. Turtle came up to check us out...
All in all it was a great time. 
I will spare you the details of how hot and uncomfortable it truly was....
but this is Texas.
And camping in Texas in the summer may not be for everyone....unless you have an air conditioned trailer.
But this is about making memories with our kids, and they had a blast.
I will be a hot, sweaty, stinky mess of a mom to make them happy....
and let's face makes my husband pretty happy too.
We ended the trip with a morning swim at the Deep Eddy Pool in Austin (which is super cool and historic),
and lunch at the Mellow Mushroom. 
Till next time....